Sunday, February 21, 2010

i almost found a secret i didn't want to share

I'm a big big fan of vintage jewelry or jewelry made of vintage(or look like) components. When I still lived in SoCal, going to Pasadena Flea Market @ the Rose Bowl every 2nd sunday of the month was my favorite thing to do. I think each piece vintage jewelry tells a great story. Back then everything wasn't made by the chinese each item was carefully made to the way it's designed to look like. And great vintage jewelry piece is a good conversation starter :)

I found a jewelry designer AxelsCastle on etsy. I'm soooo in love with the designs as well as the prices. Most items are $30, +/- $5. It's a great price for something with so much details and great color coordination.

I LOVE big jewelry..

This is good for all occasions I think. School, work, shopping, hooking up with a boy, but perhaps not when running on the treadmill @ the gym.

This.... I'd wear this when I go dancing... jazz dancing...

I think this is a spunky little thing. Look at the gold detailing on the turquoise. A great pair of earrings for dates. Coney Island dates.... with lots of cotton candy, ice cream... it just reminded me of disneyland...

I think this goes with everything.... preferably with formal wear

A form fitting low key dress, perhaps with a more modern touch. Somehow I'm imagining a boat neckline with this...

Flirty yellow A-line, low neckline, very flowy summer dresses with silk prints.

omg this last piece is so great. The flowers, the dragonfly. The white, gold, blue/purple. I can't decide what this can go well with. But if anything, I'll just put on a white tank top.

oh <3! this is her etsy website

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