Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trench without The Sleeves

okay okay... i'm a bit wayy to excited about this trench. I found it size too large, sleeves too big, length too long. Chopped off the sleeve, took the side seam in, and cut the front short and curved it back to original length at center back.




Again, my red creepers. I've been wearing them everyday since I've got them. It's definitely making me dress a lot boy-ish than I'd like to, but after a whole summer of skirts and dresses, I'm taking a break from them.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Off the sleeve goes...


I got this lace number at Pasadena Flea Market when I went earlier this month. I want to wear white lace in the fall... without it looking overly awkward. Not sure how that would come about. Denim vest was once a jacket but I never wear it as a jacket, so off the arms it goes... works out better as a vest anyway.

Love and Marriage



Completely doing the "Married with Children" ditsy Peggy Bundy outfit... without the big brunette hair. High waisted ankle length pant, silk dress shirt.

sorry guys i'm still trying to get to know my camera. I don't know how other people shoot their photo so clear in door.. It's set on automatic.. anybody have any idea?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let it drape



Scored this amazing FCUK silk mauve grecian dress @ Bloomingdale's one glorious afternoon. It's completely serendipitous because I never find anything I like in my size in the sale section. Wore it first time last night on my date with my perforated Calvin Klein pumps (also got it on sale! ha!)