Friday, February 26, 2010

Daria Werbowy in Prada

Daria in a Prada parfum ad reciting Thunder Perfect Mind.


Jolin Tsai's fashion line growing

Before I get into Jolin's new line. here's the front page of WWD FRIDAY 2/26/10

pradabackstagewwd pradabackstage

haha. It's a real funky look altho I can't imagine pulling it off. But again, we're looking at this on 2010 and the trend is suppose for 2011. Remember.. that might be cool and you might want one when October comes around...

Jolin Tsai's line Seventy Two Changes.

722 721

723 724

726 727

The line was collaborated with Erman- the co-founder of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. You can see a lot of his influence in the line. The plaids, prints and the fun vibe. I don't think it's anything too special, but it's definitely something I can see many girls wearing. Bloomingdale's on 59th and Lex carries them! And to my surprise... Nordstrom in my beloved homtown Cerritos, carries them as well. Although I wonder why either Nordstrom nor Bloomies carry them at South Coast Plaza aka #1 Asian people mall hang out spot in SoCal.

images sources:
Seventy Two Changes


Prada's new glasses

pradaglasses1 pradaglasses2

pradaglasses3 pradaglasses4

Prada's new glasses!! What do you guys think of them? They kinda give you a whole new eye and eyebrows at the same time. I'd match the tan one with black eyebrows with my camel colored coat.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dakota Fanning for Vogue Italia

Dakota Fanning is such a chic-ster!

dfanning1 dfanning2

dfanning3 dfanning4


dfanning7 dfanning8


I personally don't like the thick dark eye brows but I think that's what makes her appearance stand out in a model-esque way..

Does anything think Dakota pretty? I don't. But she has very distinctive feature almost like Devon Aoki kinda way and that's what I think makes her dainty-ly pretty, but very beautiful.

Devon Aoki

DFanning image source


Sunday, February 21, 2010

cny in nyc


zara jacket, faux fur, my own harem pants, black platform booties.

Confetti flying to the sky

The color of confetti stains the snow

people mountain people sea

are you front row?



charlie le mindu





Errrrrrrotic. A bit outta the world for my own style but these hair are interesting. You know there are a lotta gay magic going on behind all this... ;)

Japanese fashion week preview

"Japanese Fashion Week Preview showcased looks from aptform, CHAOLU lab, MIKIO SAKABE, Naoshi Sawayanagi, SHIDA TATSUYA, The Dress & Co. by HIDEKI SAKAGUCHI, tiny dinosaur, and YU.

The collections ranged from punk torn sweatshirts and creepers at MIKIO SAKABE to elegant suits at Yu to shredded blouses and dresses at The Dress & Co. by HIDEKI SAKAGUCHI. Each collection was carefully designed and showcased a truly unique perspective. "

i almost found a secret i didn't want to share

I'm a big big fan of vintage jewelry or jewelry made of vintage(or look like) components. When I still lived in SoCal, going to Pasadena Flea Market @ the Rose Bowl every 2nd sunday of the month was my favorite thing to do. I think each piece vintage jewelry tells a great story. Back then everything wasn't made by the chinese each item was carefully made to the way it's designed to look like. And great vintage jewelry piece is a good conversation starter :)

I found a jewelry designer AxelsCastle on etsy. I'm soooo in love with the designs as well as the prices. Most items are $30, +/- $5. It's a great price for something with so much details and great color coordination.

I LOVE big jewelry..

This is good for all occasions I think. School, work, shopping, hooking up with a boy, but perhaps not when running on the treadmill @ the gym.

This.... I'd wear this when I go dancing... jazz dancing...

I think this is a spunky little thing. Look at the gold detailing on the turquoise. A great pair of earrings for dates. Coney Island dates.... with lots of cotton candy, ice cream... it just reminded me of disneyland...

I think this goes with everything.... preferably with formal wear

A form fitting low key dress, perhaps with a more modern touch. Somehow I'm imagining a boat neckline with this...

Flirty yellow A-line, low neckline, very flowy summer dresses with silk prints.

omg this last piece is so great. The flowers, the dragonfly. The white, gold, blue/purple. I can't decide what this can go well with. But if anything, I'll just put on a white tank top.

oh <3! this is her etsy website

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

P.S. I made this

I've found the MOST gracious DIY websites. No, it's not high school home making class... it's fun up to date fashion DIYs.

The one I'm totally in love with is this:

The top and skirt that's got the fashion world whirling. If you've read a fashion magazine in the past 2 month, you've probably seen that outfit. But now you can make the shirt your own!!



Viola! You've got yourself a Proenza.

I do want to give a try on this... my take would be a nylon/polyester long sleeve rather than a cotton one just because I think the texture/color will go better... but I'm not sure, we'll see.

Suzy Menkes talks of fashion blogging

Fashion now is no longer a monologue, it has become a conversation... -Suzy Menkes

On Fashionblogs from Mary Scherpe on Vimeo.

Photo on 2010-02-08 at 17.11

Photo on 2010-02-08 at 17.13 #2

Photo on 2010-02-08 at 17.14 #3

usually people sit in front of their webcam making weird faces cuz they're bored. I do it cuz i'm documenting "homely chic" and all the crazy things one can do in homely chic outfits. Design sketches in the background as well as some dead roses. Please ignore the curtain-less window. I'm working on it.

btw, fashion weeek starts soon. Marc Jacobs will be live streaming his show on Feb 15 8 PM eastern time of course. Catch up Catch up. also robertcduffy will be tweeting backstage @ Marc Jacobs as well... altho he said "he'll shut up" in his last tweets. Whatever that means.