Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay. Mami just took a bus route and now is hungry



Done on illustrator and photoshop.

This is how I would look like if I were a chola. But no really, I think this would be the exact outfit I'd wear if I went to New Orleans. With my boobs ready to be flashed, cash outside of my fanny pack ready to buy another round, and wrapped in mardi gras beads to let everyone know what a show off I am. muahahhaahhahahha

but really. I'm not done with this sketch yet. I still have to color in the outfit with my illustrator crayon.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new coat

ohoh, guess where I got my coat!!


okay. you'd probably never guessed it because it didn't come from a store... well, it kinda did since the fabric came from a store and I made mah own coaaat! Why? Because everyone in New York is going to a big big funeral since everyone wears black all day long. It isn't even a joke, even the Mexicans that can't speak English wears head to toe black. It isn't a language thing, it isn't a ethnicity thing, once you've entered the door with the word NYC written on it, black is blending and therefore inevitable.

I actually made this coat a while ago but I've been a busy bee, didn't have time to post it up until now. I did opt my choices of buying a coat at a retailer. To be honest, even though there are so many wool coats around but they kinda all look the same to me. Nevermind the little detail differences (different top stitchings, button sizes, pocket placement, etc etc.. ) but most I've seen are either double breasted or it has blazer collars and they all look a bit masculine. I'm REALLY picky about the fabric so the ones I do like, cost $300+. So it's more like I didn't have a choice but make one myself. I got the fabric @ Michael Levine when I went back to Los Angeles during December. I'm a little bit ashamed to say this but I'm not fully knowledgeable of the fabric content of this thing. There wasn't a label when I bought the fabric. I burn tested it, it's wool.. and something else because it has this smooth finish to it. Almost like wool felt, but also feels like a cashmere sweater at the same time. Annnyyywayyy, I got the lining here at Chinatown for $10/yard for silk charmeuse!

Have you ever put your arm into a coat with silk lining? It's like acetate lining but better. So cold, so silky smooth, kinda like slurping on spaghetti but with your arm... if that makes any sense. Anyway, I also got these huge donut like buttons.


Oh.. just in case my picture do not give you a good enough idea of what it looks like, my coat has big peter pan collars with ruffles and ruffles on center front. It's A-lined coat, princess line at bodice... did I mention big golden donut buttons? heehee ;)

Caption this picture.......