Monday, March 30, 2009


YAY!!!! I've graduated from fashion school!!!! It's been great! Anyway, before landing myself a job I did little projects of my own.

I fell in big big love when I saw this fabric!

A simple one shoulder princess line dress with poofy tier on neckline.

No, I'm not wearing shoes cuz I wanna go into all that ocean, flower, luau, hawaii theme.

It took more time than it should to make this dress. My body is not proportional  (blame it on the butt), I made it in a size 8 first and draped it to fit me.

And here's a high waisted silk brocade pencil skirt I made.

haha. like my headband? I originally wanted to make it into a scarf, well, it's still a scarf but I think it's more fun to wear on the head.

ta tas for now.

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Dream Lord said...

LOL ... Im Not Sure About The "Falling In Love" With The Fabric ... But I Kinda "Fell" (Again .. Not With The Fabric) ... U Remind Me Of An Old Friend Of Mine ... Ooooh That Times ... !!

PS: Im Not A Weirdo ... Im Creating A Website With The Theme "Hawaii" And Doing Research Through The Web I Ended Watching Ur Blog ... See ... Not Weird At All .. {^_^} ... !!
That's All ... End Of The Communicate ... !!